Million Steps Israel

We help Japanese and Israeli companies connect, partner and grow together

we will support your journey - every step of the way

Why Million Steps?

We'll make it easy to find the right partners

Get inside Israel's hi-tech ecosystem
We access the best technologies and solutions through our network of shareholders, partners and advisors
track record
We have proven experience facilitating partnerships between major Japanese and Israeli companies
We communicate in three languages, understand the cultural gaps, and bridge them to ensure your success
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corporate consulting

We offer Japanese enterprises a fast track to Israeli innovation. We'll support you every step of the way - from finding and introducing the right partners to negotiating and closing deals.

business development solutions

We offer business development solutions for Israeli hi-tech companies in Japan. Our solution is a full package - we’ll be your team on the ground and drive your sales operation, from sourcing opportunities to closing partnerships deals. We leverage our connections and expertise to grow your business in Japan quickly and effectively - without the high costs and risks of direct hiring and operations.
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Research and find promising candidates
2 meet
Learn more and explore collaborations
3 Collaborate
Decide how to work together and get started!
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Japan Israel Innovation Summit 2018
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