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Monozukuri Spirit Meets Startup Nation

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What is Israeli innovation?

A look at the Israeli companies that reinvented the urban public transportation system. The story of companies like: Via, Gett, Waze, Nexar and Mobileye.

Future Mobility: Behind the Scenes of the New Public Transportation System
Daniel Ramot

What is the "Chutzpah Factor" and how does it relate to Israel's reputation as "Zero-to-one Nation"? Learn about the driving force behind Israel's fast-growing startups and the urge to build something new.

Cracking the "Zero-to-one" Entrepreneurial Code
Avinoam Nowgrodski

Learn from Israel’s experience in commercializing knowledge and scientific research and creating fast growing companies. Mechanisms and processes in the academic world, public and private sectors that are responsible for Israel’s impressive track record.

From Research Output to Business Model
Benjamin Soffer

Lessons from Unit 8200. What are the secret ingredients of Israel’s best startup school?

8200 The Israeli Innovation Task Force
Yair Cohen

How can large companies team up to produce cutting-edge innovation? Sanara Ventures (Teva-Phillips Joint Venture) as a test case demonstrating the innovative value output

Innovation Through Synergy Partnerships Between Large Companies
Assaf Barnea
How can Japan and Israel collaborate?

Why multinational companies come to Israel, what they find there and why they stay long-term.

Giants in Seach of the Next Big Idea
Gil Golan

Large organizations have so many talented people in them. If cultivated properly, these people can thrive and bring tremendous value.

Don’t Waste Your Company’s Best Talents: Make Them Intrapreneurs!
Esther Barak Landes

How can companies drive growth through investment and collaboration with startups? In this session we invite two Israeli specialists to discuss strategies for Japanese companies to engage with partners, asses the potential value and develop new business.

Driving Corpotrate Growth Through External Investment
Oren Bar-on
Ronen Kantor

As traditional manufacturing evolves into connected industries, cyber defense technologies will play a major role in enabling corporate growth. This workshop examines the cyber risks facing today's industrial networks, their soltuions and emerging business opportunities in this expanding area of technology.

Industrial Cyber Security: Risks, Solutions and Opportunities for New Business
Mille Gandelsman

How Japan can remain the world’s No.1 manufacturer, and overcome the risk of becoming irrelevant in today’s software-driven world.

How is AI disrupting Monozukuri?
Shai Harel

Wednesday November 29th, 2017 @ Labo Head Office, Tokyo Office

Mitsui Fudosan Tower 24F, Roppongi 3-2-1, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-6224
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