We connect Japanese industries & Israeli hi-tech to create new business opportunities.

Israeli hi-tech ecosystem key persons amongst shareholders and on Advisory Board
Access to entrepreneurial networks, including 8200 Alumni Association, Talpiot program and universities
Multicultural trilingual team with international business experience

Our innovation hub offers a variety of platforms for collaboration.

Work with Israeli teams to challenge the status quo and reinvent existing products.
Intensive work sessions with Israeli entrepreneurs to discover and incubate new ideas.
Engage in joint R&D projects with Israeli companies.
Integrate new technologies to improve service level and meet customer demands.
Turn research output into business models.
Initiate bilateral projects with potential funding from Israel.

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Monozukuri spirit meets startup nation.
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As Japan scouts for tech, interest in Israeli innovation is rising

Japanese manufacturing giants are looking to Israel for cutting-edge tech solutions, says Yoav Ramot of Million Steps, a firm that matches Israeli startups with these firms.

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GMやトヨタはイスラエルで何をしている? イノベーションへの期待

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Our founding team represents the full spectrum of the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem: Unit 8200, startups, investors, accelerators, academic research and public sector organizations.
Yoav Ramot
Founder, CEO

Alumni of 8200, grew up in Japan. Yoav is a certified Attorney at Law and has worked at numerous Israeli startups.

Nir Turk
Founding Partner, COO

Served as Scientific and Cultural Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo (2011 - 2016). Nir is deeply involved in the Japan-Israel relationship.

Yuta Iguchi
Partner, Business Development

Born in Tokyo, bred in NZ. Starting various companies in digital marketing and trading as well as developing businesses for companies in and out of Japan for 13 years.

Manae Uchibori
Project Manager

Born and raised in Fukuoka. Worked at Mckinsey and company in Tokyo as a consultant (2012-2018). In particular, Manae has experience in the areas of healthcare and organization/talent development.

Sawako Ono
Business Development

Born and raised in Oita, Japan. Sawako went to Business School in the UK and has worked for several international startups, including one in Silicon Valley which she co-managed. Previously Sawako worked as a Financial Consultant at one of the leading Japanese firms.

Daniel Ramot

Founder and CEO of Via Transportation, global provider of on-demand transit and ride sharing technology.

David Litoff
Founding Partner, COO Israel

Senior Business Development Manger representing Israeli companies globally and International companies in Israel. David is also a Financial Management Professional with 15+ years experience as a CFO in the High Tech sector and holds a BA in Economics and is a Certified Public Accountant(CPA).

Esther Barak
Founding Member

Founder and Partner of Nielsen Innovate, Israel's prominent technology incubator and investment fund, licensed by the Israeli Chief Scientist.

Avinoam Nowogrodski
Founding Member

Serial entrepreneur and founder of numerous successful companies. Avinoam has years of experience taking disruptive products to market.

Oren Baron

Senior Partner at EY, and founder of the Firm's High-Tech Assurance practice. Oren's department audits more than 50% of Israeli startups.

Yair Cohen

Served for 32 years in the IDF Intelligence Division, and former Commander of Unit 8200. Yair now leads PeriTech investment firm.

Chemi Peres

Managing General Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango, Israel's leading Venture Capital Firm. Chemi serves on the Board of many portfolio companies.

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