Gil Golan

ゴラン氏は General Moters (GM) の Advanced Technical Centre in Israel (ATC-I) のディレクターとして2008年から勤務。それまで、GM社内で様々な主要なポジションを歴任。例としてグローバル戦略ディレクターを担当時はGM’s global R&D Network(インド、中国、韓国、オーストラリア、ロシア、スエーデン、カナダ、シリコンバレーそしてイスラエルに拠点)の設立をリード。他にも国や、国を代表する研究所、ハイテク企業、グローバル工業パートナー等との共同リサーチを手がける他、GMのR&D’s Global Science Office Councilのマネジメントも行う。GM Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)チームの一員でもあり、イスラエルのハイテクローカルスタートアップへの投資の監視を行い、ローカルベンチャーキャピタルとの良い関係を築いている。

Director of General Motors’ Advanced Technical Center in Israel (ATC-I). Shortly after joining GM, Gil moved in 1999 to Michigan to attend a corporate leadership development program and returned to Israel in 2000 to be the managing director of the GM-UMIT Joint Venture. In this position, Gil was responsible for screening innovations and identifying new technologies for GM’s internal organizations (R&D Labs; Advanced Technology community and Global Engineering organizations). Gil moved back to GM North America in 2002 and became the director of Global Strategy, where he led the establishment of GM’s global R&D Network (including sites in India, China, Korea, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Canada, the Silicon Valley and Israel). He also coordinated R&D work with Governments, leading institutions, national laboratories, Hi-Tech companies and global industrial partners. As part of this role, Gil also managed GM R&D’s Global Science Office Council. Gil Golan was appointed as the site director of General Motors’ Advanced Technical Center in Israel in January 2008 and since then he continued to develop and expand the site focusing on non- traditional & new technological domain for the industry. He is also a member of GM Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) team, with oversight responsibilities for the Israeli Hi-Tech Sector, investment in local startup companies and maintaining relationship with the local VC community. Additionally, Gil has indirect responsibility to support GM’s supply-chain & local purchasing portfolio (~ $100M/year) from local vendors. Golan received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology. He is a graduate of Kettering University (International) and Harvard Business School (Executive) education programs.